Register the software again with an already used activation code

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Activation to server; registration to computer

WinZip activation codes can be used only once. They are a way to provide registration information to you. Upon entering your activation code, your name, and some additional information, it is sent to the WinZip activation server. Registration information is created by the server using the information you provide, and that is sent back to your computer. As soon as your activation code has been used it is disabled. It will not work again.

Registration information for a single-user license includes the Registered to name and the Registration code.

If you have used your activation code already, even if you are not aware that it was successful, and then you try to use it again at a later time or on a different day, you will be advised by the WinZip Activation server that The activation code has already been used.

Activation has already been used

Since the activation code has been used, you will need to enter your registration information into your WinZip application.

Find your registration information

If you do not have your registration information recorded, please open the WinZip Support page. At the bottom of the page there is a Registered Product Lookup feature where you can enter your email address. If the server can find your email address, a message containing your registration information will be sent automatically to that email address.

If your information isn't found, try alternative email addresses that might be used for registration.

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