How to revert to a previous version of WinZip

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If you have installed the latest version of WinZip over your registered, earlier major version, WinZip will run as the evaluation version. If you do not have current upgrade assurance and decide not to upgrade, it will be necessary to download and install the final build of your older WinZip version.

Before installing the older version, you will need to uninstall the newer version. Once the uninstallation has been completed, you can install the version to which your registration applies. If your earlier version is WinZip 11 or later, a file created when you entered your registration will still exist, and WinZip will automatically run as registered. Otherwise, you will need to enter your registration information when you run WinZip.

If you do not have your registration information or you are not certain what version you have registered, please try the Registered Product Lookup section of our Support Page. The search will send details to you automatically. 

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