Using WinZip Courier with Web mail

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Note: due to its lack of browser add-in support, the Windows Edge internet browser is not supported at this time.

WinZip Courier integrates with your web browser so that you can zip and protect your email attachments directly within (Hotmail), Yahoo! Mail, and Gmail. In each case, when you begin to attach a file (or files) to your message, the Windows Open dialog activated by your browser will display and will include WinZip Courier.

Click Insert > Files as Attachments in Hotmail
Attach a file in Hotmail

Click the Attach File paper-clip in Yahoo! mail
Attach a file in Yahoo! mail

Click the Attach files paperclip in Gmail
Attach a file in Gmail

At this point, the Open dialog will display and will include WinZip Courier features.
The Open dialog containing WinZip Courier features

You can now choose to:

With any of these selections, you may optionally use any or all of the 3 conversion check boxes. Note: If you select Don't Zip, you may only select one file if you also want to convert the attachment. Another option is to click the Email from Cloud button. Use this to find files you have already stored in a cloud service and send a link allowing the receiver to download the same.

By default, WinZip Courier will have the Zip files radio button selected. You can change this default action in the Attachment Options dialog opened from the WinZip Courier Options dialog. To open the WinZip Courier Options dialog, click StartAll ProgramsWinZip CourierConfigure WinZip Courier. The other areas you can edit in the WinZip Courier Options dialog are:

After you select a file or a group of files, click the Open button and WinZip Courier will zip your selection and attach it to your email message.
Zip file is attached to the message

Note: if the Zip file created by Courier is larger than your threshold size, and you have Cloud Services configured to be working, your file will be uploaded, and a link will be placed in the email message instead of the attachment.

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