Email Sharing with WinZip Courier

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By default, and as a subset of automatic zipping, a Zip file created by Courier will be uploaded to a Cloud Service if it is over the configured size threshold (5 MB is the default). Before using a cloud service, you should open an account and configure Courier.

To configure Courier with cloud service account information use the instructions below.

WinZip Courier Options dialog

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click the Courier drop down menu and choose Options
  3. Click the Cloud options button


Please note that it can also be used for Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Click StartAll appsWinZip Courier
  2. Choose Configure WinZip Courier
  3. Click the Cloud options button

Note: If you are using Windows 8, you will find a Configure WinZip Courier tile in the Apps section of your Start page. Windows versions earlier than Windows 8 have All Programs rather than All apps after you click Start.

Configure Cloud Services dialog

In the Configure Cloud Services dialog you can:

Send Attachments through a Cloud Service with Outlook

A cloud service can be used to send a link from any message you are sending with Outlook. If Courier is configured to Zip Attachments automatically and your Zip file size threshold is reached, Courier will upload the Zip file to your cloud service account. In place of the actual Zip file, a link to a download will be inserted into your email message.

Cloud Services drop down menu

If you would like to change Cloud Service usage for any particular message, you can click the Use Cloud Services drop down menu in that message. These options will allow you to use a cloud service in the message regardless of the attachment size, choose the configured limit option (default), choose not to use a cloud service, or login to a different cloud service to be used for this message (not shown in the picture).

Two additional cloud service features are available to the left of the Use Cloud Services drop down menu. They are:

Send Attachments through a Cloud Service with Webmail

With any of the supported webmail programs (Gmail,, Yahoo! Mail, or Zoho), if Courier is allowed to Zip the file(s) you are attaching, your Zip file will be sent through a cloud service when the threshold size is reached. All you do is attach your files, making sure that either Zip files or Encrypt and Zip files is selected.

Open dialog containing WinZip Courier features

You will have the option to use any or all of the 3 conversion check boxes available above the File name text box. There is also the option to click the Email from Cloud button, so that you can find a file you have already stored in a cloud service and send a link to allow the receiver to download that file (no zipping is involved with this feature). When zipping files as pictured, if the Zip file that Courier creates reaches the threshold size, it will be uploaded to your cloud service and a link to it will be placed in your email message.

File is uploaded and a link inserted


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