Importing audio files into Studio

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Audio files can be imported into Studio in the Edit mode in one of two tabs.

These options can be found on the left side of the album. You can also access these options by going to the Album menu on the top toolbar and selecting Sound Effects or Music. Both Show Sound Effects and Show Music can import the same audio file formats. It is recommended to import full songs in the Show Music sections just for enhanced organization.

Once the Show Sound Effects or Show Music selection has been made, click the browse for file button  and use the Open dialog to locate a audio file of any supported type on the hard drive. Select the file to be imported and click Open. It will then be added to the album.

What file formats can Studio import?

Studio 10 and higher can import the following audio file formats:

How to import CD audio

Click the following link to go to the FAQ on how to import CD audio: How to import CD audio


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