How to use Scorefitter in Studio

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Scorefitter tracks are original royalty free songs which are different than regular MP3 or WAV audio in that they can be adjusted to any desired length to meet the specific needs of your project.

To begin, click the “Create Song” button which is located on the top bar of the Timeline.


This will bring up the Scorefitter window.


Within the Scorefitter window, you can then select the desired track. Each category has several songs. Each song has several versions. You can mouse over each song to get a short description of the song.

To listen to the version of the song you have selected, click the Preview button. If you want to use it in the project you can have a couple of other options:

1. Adjust Duration: Adjust the duration of the song if you know exactly how long you want it. If you are not sure how long it needs to be, you can always adjust it later.

2. Save As: If you think this is a version of song that might want to use frequently in other projects down the road it might be a good idea to select the “Save As” button. This will give you an option to save it as a Scorefitter Audio Project for later use. That way you can access the song from the Library in the future without accessing the Scorefitter tool at all.

Once you have decided on the perfect song you can then click the Add to Movie button to close the Scorefitter window and go back to the project. If you need to adjust the length of the track in the Timeline, you can do so by mousing over the edge of the clip and dragging it to the desired length. The content of the track will adjust to fit the new duration.

Want to purchase additional Scorefitter songs?

The Get More button in the bottom-left of the Scorefitter window will take you to the eStore page where additional Scorefitter tracks are sold (if available).

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