Is it possible to burn a Studio created disc image with the Windows disc burning utility?

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For DVD Discs

This will not work properly. If a DVD is created in this way, it may play back on some players, but it is not a valid Video-DVD and likely will not play in all players. The files in the VIDEO_TS folder have to be written in a certain order by analyzing the contents; Windows just burns them in alphabetical order. In addition, it is likely that the disc will not have ISO9660 and UDF1.02 as file systems.

For Blu-Ray and AVCHD discs

This also will not work. BluRay and AVCHD discs must have UDF 2.50 as the only file system.This file system is not written by Windows.

In all cases when created a disc from a Studio generated disc image, you must use Studio or another application which is designed to create playable DVD, AVCHD, or Blu-Ray discs.


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