Burn Error: The disc export has experienced an internal error ('ErrorCode')

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The error code that is presented with this error may vary, but it will be something like this: 0x84320002 or 0x84320003. This error is likely related to a disc menu. To resolve the problem, try the following:

1. Re-start Studio and try again.

2. Create a disc image first and then try and burn from that image.

3. If you created the menu template yourself, try removing the menu and then recreate it. Add it back to the project and try to create the disc again.

4. Use a different Standard (included) menu and try to create the disc again.

5. Delete the Render Files by going to Setup > Control Panel. In the Control Panel select Storage Locations. Finally, click the “Delete render files” button. Try creating the disc again.

6. Remove the menu completely and see if it still fails.


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