Pinnacle Studio: Error "Registration not successful" or Error code 1011

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Please make sure that your computer is connected to the internet on which you are trying to install Pinnacle Studio. Normally the error 1011 or "Registration not successful" appears when user's machine can't connect to the registration server.  

This issue can be resolved by exiting the installer, removing a file from your PC, and starting the installer again.


1. Exit the Pinnacle Studio installer.

2. Remove a file, userdata.json, from the location below that applies to the product you are installing:

For Pinnacle Studio for Dazzle:


For Pinnacle Studio 23:


For Pinnacle Studio 24:


For Pinnacle Studio 25:


For Pinnacle Studio 26:



Launch the Pinnacle Studio installer again.  If you can’t find where you saved it, you can download it again at .



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