How to: Network settings for Toast Anywhere

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Within your local home or office network, you should not have to enable any specific settings to use Toast Anywhere to share your recorder with other Toast 6 Titanium users. Toast will detect other users who have enabled recorder sharing in the Toast 6 preferences and are currently running Toast.

If the Firewall is "On" in System Preferences->Sharing->Firewall and you wish to enable incoming Toast Anywhere recording requests:

1. Click"New..."
2. Then select:

a. Port Name: Other
b. Port Number, Range or Series: 9385
c. Description: Toast Anywhere

3. Then click OK and incoming connections will be enabled.

Note: If you wish to record across a corporate or home firewall via the "Other Shared Recorder..." menu item, enable inbound port 9385 or have your System Administrator to do it for you.


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