Using LightScribe recorders and media in Toast 8 and higher

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LightScribe Label Burning What is LightScribe?

LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling is an exciting disc labeling technology that lets you easily burn CD and DVD labels by flipping the discs over and putting them back in the same disc drive that burned your project.

LightScribe technology combines the CD or DVD drive of your computer with specially coated discs and software to produce precise, silkscreen-quality, iridescent labels. With LightScribe, your disc is your label so the alignment and peeling of messy stickers are a thing of the past. Its the no-hassle way to create attractive labels for all your music mix CDs, digital video or photo archives, and for any business application.

LightScribe Requirements

LightScribe Troubleshooting

The LightScribe system requires the use of LightScribe-enabled discs. LightScribe uses control features in the center (hub) of the disc to identify media as LightScribe media. If your system does not seem to recognize the media as LightScribe media, take the following steps:

  1. Make sure the disc is a LightScribe compatible disc. LightScribe media will have the LightScribe logo in the inner hub area. There will also be visible control features inside, and adjacent to, the coated label area.
  2. Check that the disc is properly oriented in the drive. The label side, which contains a special coating, should be face down in the drive.
  3. Clean the center area (hub) of the disc. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the hub area and remove any dirt or smudges that may be covering the control features.
  4. If these steps do not fix the problem, try another LightScribe disc.

NOTE: You should always burn your data to the LightScribe disc before burning your label.

Creating Your Label

1. Launch Disc Cover RE. You can do so by locating the application in your Toast 8 Titanium folder or by launching Toast 8 Titanium and selected Disc Cover RE from the Extras menu.


2. Design your label normally by inserting graphics and text as desired. For best results, you should use one of the following design elements:

3. Insert the disc in your LightScribe recorder with the label side facing down.

4. Select the drop-down File menu and choose Print. The Print dialog box appears.

5. From the Output drop-down list, select LightScribe.

6. From the Device drop-down list, select the LightScribe recorder, if it is not already selected.

7. Select your contrast level.

LightScribe provides three different contrast levels for you to choose from when labeling your discs. For Printing Preferences, select Best, Normal, or Draft quality.

The label burn time will increase from Draft to Normal to Best:

8. Adjust the number of copies you would like to create of this label and select next to begin burning the label to the disc.


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