Audio or video out of sync on DVDs made with captured video

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There are a few possibilities that this could be happening:

1. You have too many background processes running. Before capturing video, be sure that all background processes have stopped. These can include:
  • Anti-virus software
  • Copying files
  • Unnecessary system tray and other open applications like word processors
  • Network connections
  • Disable the Screen Saver
  • Disable the Turn off Hard Disks (Power Options in Settings folder)
  • Disable the Hibernation option (also in above folder)
  • Disable the Network Time Server (Windows XP)
  • Disable Text to Speech (Windows XP)
  • Disable any scheduled tasks (for example, virus scan)
  • Do not increase Virtual Memory beyond Windows' recommended setting


2. You may need to defragment your hard drive. You can do this from Start --> Programs -->Accessories --> System Tools --> Disk Defragmentor


  • If capturing via USB (such as with the Dazzle DVC90 device included with Easy Media Creator 8 Deluxe Suite), make sure you are using a USB 2.0 port. Also, make sure that the port you are using is not part of a USB hub, splitter, or other periphrial device. The best ports to use should be the ones connected directly to the back of the computer.


  • Out of sync audio can also occur during capture from an analog capture card if CPU utilization exceeds 95 percent. To avoid this problem, configure virtual memory to be "System managed" by following these steps:
    • Choose Start -> Control Panel.
    • Open the System control panel.
    • Click the Advanced tab.
    • In the Performance box, click Settings.
    • Click the Advanced tab.
    • In the Virtual memory box, click Change.
    • Select System managed size, and click Set.
    • Click OK.



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