What is the difference between an update and an upgrade

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Almost every version of our software has free updates than can be downloaded from our website. These updates are not full versions of the software, but are applied as a patch over software, which is already installed on your system. Updates do not add additional features, but do contain drivers to support newer CD writers, as well as some fixes to specific issues. If you are having trouble getting our software to recognize your CD writer, updating to the most current revision may solve the issue.

Upgrading your software would be moving from a lower version to a higher version and is available to registered users only (to register your software, click here). For Example, moving from Easy CD Creator 4 to version 5. Within each version, you can update to a higher revision (for example 5.0, 5.02, 5.1) to add additional driver support. Upgrading your software is how you can add additional features. This can only be done by purchasing the newer version. Click here to upgrade your software and get information on our products.


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