How to create a data disc in Toast

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To create a Toast data disc

  1. Decide on the format that you want to use. The different types are available in the drawer. Clicking on the 'Advanced' tab displays all of the available formats:
    • Mac Only - A Macintosh only disc is a data disc that contains Macintosh data and is usable only on a Macintosh computer.
    • Mac & PC - A Mac & PC disc is a cross-platform data disc that contains Macintosh and Windows data, and is usable on either operating system. All disc data will be visible to both Mac and Windows users. This is the easiest disc to create for both Mac and PC users.
    • DVD-ROM (UDF) - Make a DVD-Video from a VIDEO_TS folder, or a data CD or DVD usable on computers with UDF reader software.
    • ISO9660 - An ISO9660 disc is usable on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux, and DOS.
    • Custom Hybrid - Make a data disc that is usable on both Macintosh and Windows computers. Macintosh data will be visible to Macintosh users but not to Windows users and vice versa. This also allows Macintosh users to see the normal icons and window positions for the data while maintaining complete compatibility with Windows systems.
    • Mac Volume - Record the entire contents of a local HFS Standard or HFS+ volume or partition to a disc.
  2. After deciding on what format you want to use, add the data to the Toast window. For Mac Only, Mac &PC and DVD-ROM (UDF) discs either:
    • Drag the files into the Toast window.
    • Click on the 'Add' button at the bottom of the Toast window. For ISO9660 discs: Click 'Select' button, and then either::
    • Drag the files into the ISO 9660 window.
    • Click on the Add button at the bottom of the ISO 9660 window.

For Custom Hybrid discs

There are several steps involved in this process. To select the Macintosh partition, you must create a temporary partition using Toast:

  1. Create the temporary partition:
    • Click on Utilities | Create Temporary Partition.
    • Change the size of the partition to reflect the amount of Macintosh data you wish to burn.
    • Click on OK to create the partition.
    • Drag the files that you want to burn in Toast into the temporary partition that is mounted on your desktop (this will appear as a white hard drive).
  2. Click on the 'Select MacÉ' button in the Toast window and select your temporary partition in this list.

Note: You can select data from the temporary partition to share data between the two partitions. The data will only be recorded once.

For Mac Volume Discs

Click the Select button first. Toast will scan your devices to see if it can locate any volumes or partitions to backup.

You can create a temporary partition and back it up. Once you have added data to the disc, click on the red record button located on the bottom right of the Toast window to record the disc.


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