How to create a Table of Contents in WordPerfect

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The WordPerfect Table of Contentswizard allows you to quickly generate alist of all the parts of a document with links to the page where these parts appear. This article describes how to create a Table of Contents.

The Table of Contents Wizard

  1. Click on the Tools menu and select Reference
  2. Click on Table ofContents to open the wizard

Marking your Headings

A WordPerfect Table of Contents can have up to five levels of headings. This enables you to add different types of headings within your document, which will inturn be displayed with a different level of indentation on your generated Table of Contents. Todo so:

  1. With the Table of Contents wizardopen,highlightthe text of the heading
  2. Click on the Mark x button (the x indicates the heading levelyou want to set this heading to)
  3. Repeat as necessary throughout the document

TIP:You can mark your document as you create it by using Styles. WordPerfect has predefined Heading Styles from the Styles dropdown in the Property bar which already include the [Mrk Txt TOC] codes. The Heading 1 corresponds to the TOC Level 1, Heading 2 with TOC Level 2, etc.

Generating the Table of Contents

Once you have completed marking your document, you are ready to create your Table of Contents.

  1. Place your cursor where you want your Table of Contents to generate
  2. Open the Table of Contents wizard
  3. Click on the Define button
  4. Select the Number of levels you want to include in this Table of Contents and Click on OK
  5. You should see the words <<Table ofContents will generate here>> where you placed your cursor

TIP: It is not necessary to generate your Table of Contents right away. For example if page locations within your document might change, you might want to wait until the entire document is completed before generating the table. On the other hand, if needed, the Table of Contents can be generated again at a later time. To generate the table:

  1. Open the Table of Contents wizard
  2. Click on the Generate button

Editing the Table of Contents

Anything between the [Gen Txt] codes is automatically generated by the Table of Contents wizard. If you need to modify anything between these codes, note that the entire text will be deleted and re-created any time the Generate button is pressed within the Table of Contents wizard, so it is not recommended you edit it manually. It is recommended that you use follow the instructions below to edit the Table of Contents and regenerate the table after the changes..


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