WordPerfect Office 2020: Top Reasons to Buy

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All-in-one office suite

Experience the power, productivity, and built-in features of a legendary office suite. With unparalleled file support and compatibility, including Microsoft Office, you can create professional documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more. It’s the intuitive, easy-to-use solution for home and business users alike.

View document formatting with Reveal Codes

See exactly how and where your formatting appears in any WordPerfect document with Reveal Codes. This long-standing feature-favorite puts you in charge with a few simple clicks. It’s the preferred way to work when creating new documents, and now supports font attributes and text alignment features in table cells, rows, and columns

Built-in PDF functionality

Create, edit, and share PDF files right from your desktop. Choose the fillable PDF form option to interactively collect important information, or open any PDF with WordPerfect 2020 to reuse text or graphics. With the flexibility of PDF publishing you can share documents, charts, and presentations.

Editing PDF files and fillable PDF forms is supported in WordPerfect Office Standard and WordPerfect Office Pro only.

Microsoft Office compatibility

With the ability to open, edit, and save your documents in a variety of popular file formats, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your information will be well received. Enjoy compatibility for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, in addition to more than 60 file types for unrivalled support and sharing.

Intuitive eBook publishing

Explore the many ways to create and publish your very own eBook. WordPerfect has all the set-up tools to craft an eBook on any topic, to share, print, or sell. You can create dedications, copyrights, title pages, and a table of contents for your original story, plus the option to alter the font and graphic sizing. It also includes compatibility with popular eBook devices, such as Kobo, Nook, and Sony Reader.

Mail Merge functionality

Make bulk mailings a snap with this handy feature that walks you through the simple step-by-step process to address envelopes and labels with ease. With the Mail Merge Expert, you can seamlessly associate an information source, such as your existing address book, with your desired form documents like letters, labels, and envelopes.

Extensive content library

Get a professional, high-quality start to every project. You’ll find all the resources you need for any document, presentation, or spreadsheet, with a convenient built- in library of more than 10,000 high-quality clipart images, 900 TrueType fonts, 300 professional templates, and more than 175 digital photos.

Macro Manager

Save valuable time and energy with the flexibility of macros. The efficient Macro Manager includes a dialog box that displays all of your WordPerfect macros in a single location. Plus, you can view the properties of each macro, edit the string or add a detailed description, then run your completed macro.


Black out sensitive or confidential information, and ensure that text cannot be retrieved or revealed. This versatile feature can also search a document for words and phrases to hide, and automatically apply redaction. Redacted files can be saved to .pdf or .wpd formats, keeping your information safe and secure from onlookers.

Metadata Removal

Metadata is information that lurks within office productivity files and includes undo/redo history, reviewers' notes, hidden text, and comments. Fortunately, WordPerfect has a built-in feature that enables users to strip this confidential and/or sensitive metadata from files, keeping documents clean, safe, and secure.

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