WordPerfect: How to Disable Print in Color by Default in WordPerfect

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In WordPerfect, Print in Color is generally enabled by default. Here’s how to disable this function by default.  This can save on the use of colored ink and improve print quality in text documents with some printers.

1. Open WordPerfect
2. Click File, Print
3. Click the Advanced Tab in the print dialog
4. Uncheck “Print in Color” 
5. Click the Main tab.
6. At the bottom right, click Edit Settings
7. Ensure that “Name for current settings:” reads “[Application Default]”
8. Click on the checkbox beside “Advanced Settings” until it holds a black checkmark on a white background.
9. Uncheck “Use printer Properties from currently selected printer”
10. Click Save
11. Click Close
12. Close the print dialog, or print your document.  

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