When typing (C) from denoted:(A)...(B)...(C)... in the WP document, it changes the sequence to the copyright symbol ©.

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Access the QuickCorrect Tool and follow these steps:

- On the Menu bar (WordPerfect), click on Tools

- Select and click on QuickCorrect...

- The QuickCorrect dialog box will appear.

- On the QuickCorrect tab, there are default entries which includes (c) when typed, will be replaced with © and (c replaced with © as well.

If you want to remove or replace any default entry such as the (c), please follow these steps:

- Click to highlight the (c) row which will include ©.

- The highlighted row characters will appear on the "Replace:" and "With:" boxes respectively.

If you do not want to delete the entry, change or replace (c) to {c} on the "Replace:" box  and leave the © on the "With:" box.

- Click Replace Entry

- You need to delete the existing (c) row which will include © by clicking to highlight it.

- Click Delete Entry.

- Click OK


If you want to delete or remove any default entry, click to highlight the specific row that you will delete.

- Click Delete Entry.

- Click OK

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