When I try to Open or Save a document, WordPerfect® stops responding

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When working with WordPerfect®, the computer might appear to hang when an user opens a document or attempts to save a document from the WordPerfect File menu.

If no Document Management System (DMS) is being used (check with your System Administrator if you are not certain), search the WINDOWS\SYSTEM (WINNT\SYSTEM32 for Windows NT or Windows 2000) folder for a file called ODMA32.DLL. Rename the ODMA32.DLL file to ODMA32.OLD
This issue is related to third party applications that install the ODMA32.DLL file to the operating system after assuming a Document Management program is installed. When no DMS software is present the ODMA32 attempts to pass on File Open, File Print or File save commands to a program that is not installed.

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