VideoStudio 2018: Installation - Step by step instruction

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Below you will find step by step instruction on how to install VideoStudio 2018

First screen of the installation will request to select if you are running a trial version or if you have a serial number.  If you have a serial number, change make sure to select Serial Number and type in the serial number provided.  No extra space at the beginning of the first character, otherwise the serial number will be rejected.




Once your serial number has been accepted, take a moment to read the End User License Agreement for VideoStudio.  With one copy of VideoStudio you can install it on one computer using one email address.  It cannot be installed on multiple computers.  If needed you can reinstall on the same computer or remove it from the current computer and install it on a new computer using the email address that was used to install it on the first computer.



If you want to be part of the User Experience Improvement Program, put a check mark next to "Enable User Experience Improvement Program".  More details of the program inside the content box.



Fill in the registration components in order to use the program and select an option below if you want to receive email about this software.



At this point, it is ready to download and Install.  Click the Download/Install green button



The system has started to download the VideoStudio Ultimate Main Program.



It is now downloading the VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 Standard Content and installing the Main Program.



From this window, it is downloading VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 Standard Content 2 and installing the Main Program still.



As you can see, in this window, it is downloading the Service Pack 1 and installing the Bonus Features.  It is done with the installation of the Standard Content and Standard Content 2



When this screen appears, you have successfully installed VideoStudio 2018



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