Corel® VideoStudio® 2022 - Top Reasons to Upgrade from PRO to ULTIMATE

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Corel® VideoStudio® 2022 - Top Reasons to Upgrade from PRO to ULTIMATE


1. Exclusive library of premium effects and creative extras

With Ultimate only, achieve remarkable creative transformations and bring a fun vibe to your videos with exclusive collections of premium effects from industry leaders NewBlueFX and proDAD. Also, easily stabilize shaky hand-held footage with an advanced tool from proDAD Mercalli, apply lens corrections, enhance and calibrate color, create reflections, add style with old film effects, and so much more! Apply stunning titles in seconds with more than 100 animated templates, and produce stylized 2D, 3D, or broadcast titles—even turn your titles into realistic onscreen handwriting, or apply animated pen effects! VideoStudio Ultimate 2022 is packed with the exclusive engaging extras you need to take your videos to the next level.

2. Color Grading

Control every aspect of your production, including the colors! Tap into complete Color Grading controls and modify the mood of any scene to suit your mood. Easily shift colors to keep skin tones looking natural, enhance key details and draw the eye to a desired object, and correct footage fast. Preview color shifts between clips, keep colors at broadcast-safe levels to avoid oversaturation, and fine tune your changes with a variety of video scopes. Brighten landscapes, introduce accent colors, and augment ambiance in every production for an incredible final result. Explore a full set of exclusive color correction and Color Grading tools that transform the color in any video clip and achieve cinema-grade effects to post on social channels or share with friends. Only found in Ultimate.

3. Video Masking

Video Masking is a powerful video editing tool designed for everything from basic fixes to Hollywood-level enhancements. Apply targeted special effects, create animated masks with keyframes or custom overlays, and even remove unwanted objects from your video footage. Combine footage to replace generic screens, swap out a dull sky for a vivid sunset, and create personal walk-by transitions. Video Masking delivers the power to clone yourself and overlay footage to achieve truly remarkable special effects. Make your video content show-stopping using the exclusive editing power of the Mask Creator in VideoStudio Ultimate 2022.

4. 3D Titles

Titles are the perfect way to creatively introduce information to your audience. Choose from built-in presets and templates for immediate impact, or dive in deeper and create custom motion titles with the 3D Title Editor! Control textures, lighting, motion, and more to create a dramatic cinematic opening and draw your viewers into your videos. Ultimate’s exclusive 3D titling tools will help you add interest, atmosphere, and impact to any production.

5. Enhanced MultiCam Editor and dynamic Split Screen Templates Editor

Easily combine, sync, and edit footage from screen recordings, webcams, or external cameras and leverage picture-in-picture effects to tell a stronger story. VideoStudio Ultimate delivers the ability to edit across up to 6 angles (4 angles in Pro), which is beneficial for creating music videos, video challenges, unboxing videos, and more. Explore dynamic Split Screen Template Editor to combine shots in your videos and showcase different pieces of footage at once, and create various picture-in-picture effects. Jumpstart your split screen projects with ready-to-use templates, or create your own with customized motion to captivate viewers your way. Whatever approach you prefer, you’re poised perfectly for engaging your audience with before/after videos, presenting a two-sided phone conversation, or any other scenario your imagination comes up with.

6. Face Indexing

Save time and streamline the editing process with newly added Face Indexing that analyzes video using facial recognition to automatically identify and extract footage for each person in your video. With this Ultimate-only feature, there is no need to manually search through hours of video content to select the scenes with specific people—Face Indexing will do that for you, quickly and easily.

7. Unlock the full VideoStudio experience

Explore your full creative potential with VideoStudio Ultimate 2022 and access all of the powerful, under-the-hood features you need to transform your videos into unique productions. For only a few dollars more than VideoStudio Pro, VideoStudio Ultimate delivers exclusive access to advanced editing features like Video Masking, Color Grading, Face Indexing, and more, plus hundreds of premium effects, and support for extra media formats like XAVC, MXF, and PCM 5.1CH audio. With Ultimate, you can choose from more than 100 customizable menu templates—twice the templates in Pro—while saving your films to DVD using the included software, MyDVD. Elevate your editing experience with the power of Ultimate and create projects you’ll be proud to share!


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