Roxio: No ASIO audio drivers for Easy VHS to DVD Plus

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Is there an ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output) audio driver for the Roxio video capture USB device that comes with Easy VHS to DVD Plus?


No. There is no ASIO driver for Easy VHS to DVD.

ASIO was designed as a low-latency solution for sound engineers and audio professionals, allowing software to directly access a sound card without requiring an intermediary signal path, such as what occurs when using Microsoft's DirectSound drivers.

The Easy VHS to DVD Plus program makes use of the generic WDM (Windows Driver Modeld) USB audio device driver. As the Roxio video capture USB device was only designed to capture standard quality audio from old generation VHS tapes, it wouldn't make much sense to use low-latency ASIO drivers designed to process high-fidelity audio signal from multiple input/output audio hardware.


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