Unable to log in, reset password or Export after version 1.3.4? PLEASE READ THIS

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We released a quick fix for both Web/PWA and Desktop versions. This new version should fix all the issues found in the previous version (exporting, login, artifacts while zooming, etc).

The newest version is 2020. and if you are able to log in, you can verify your software version by clicking on Menu > Help > Show welcome screen

The web version can be found here: https://designer.gravit.io and the desktop download links can be found here: https://www.designer.io/en/download/


* Please uninstall (completely remove) actual instances of Desktop Gravit Designer before installing the updated one, as there are some cases when you will download the newest version and keep the older one as well, without noticing it.


If you are using the web version and still have the same issues, clear cache, and cookies or try it again using an incognito window on Chrome: File > New Incognito Window

If you can't clear cache or cookies on your machine due to a lack of admin privileges (
especially on a school network, as some users don't have admin permissions on those machines), please contact your IT team or ISP support.



If you are a macOS user and you get an "unidentified developer" alert message or anything related to security when downloading the installer from our website you can check this link or download it from the Apple store.



If the suggestions on this post do not work, please try to run Gravit Designer as Admin.



Google decided to stop supporting Chrome Apps on all platforms and will focus on PWAs instead. Please read more here: https://blog.chromium.org/2020/01/moving-forward-from-chrome-apps.html.

This means that the Chrome OS version and Chrome extension of Gravit Designer can't be updated anymore. Please use the PWA version instead.



If you are having issues with exporting, saving/load files while using the Snap version, please try the appImage.



If you are trying to log in using Google login or Facebook login, please use the "forgot password" button on the login screen for a password reset, and instead of clicking the link sent to your email, right-click it, copy it, and paste it to an incognito window of Chrome.

Then you will be able to re-gain access to your account by using email/password.



* If you managed to re-gain access to Gravit Designer but you can't find your files on Gravit Cloud, it means that you are logged in with a different account.

Files saved to the cloud are NEVER DELETED (unless you delete them yourself).

Please try it again using another email or, if you are a PRO user, get in touch with support with the reference number (provided by cleverbridge) so we can tell you what email you have used for the purchase.

If you are a FREE user, there's no way for us to tell you what email you have used as we do not track or keep any data that could link those files to you.




Experimental (be sure you have downloaded the latest version from a store or our website):
press Ctrl / ⌘ (macOS) + Shift + F10 for cookie reset and then try to log in again.



If none of that helps, please try to access from a different network (a 4G connection, for example) because some Internet providers keep their own cache.

If it works, you should contact your ISP and ask them to clear the cache for your account.

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