Some technical information about WinZip MAPI (mail) support

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The WinZip features that make use of the MAPI protocol are Zip and E-Mail, Zip and E-Mail Plus, the Email button in the Actions pane, the Email button in the Share section of the Create/Share tab (or the Unzip/Share tab), and the Send ToMail Recipient (Zip and E-Mail) feature. Email features in WinZip Express add-ons, except WinZip Express for Outlook, also use MAPI.

The WinZip email features above will only be available if WinZip can successfully load the defined MAPI file (often mapi32.dll). WinZip tries to load this file out of the directory returned by the standard Windows GetSystemDirectory API call.

When using one of these features, WinZip issues the simple MAPI API called MAPISendMail, specifying the name of the open archive or the name of the Zip file to be created as a parameter. WinZip has no control over the application that will respond to the MAPISendMail command. If you have not been successful with setting the default email application (see the article in the link above), you may need to edit the registry settings responsible. To do this:

  1. On the keyboard, press Windows key (the Windows key)+R to open Run
  2. In the Run dialog type: regedit and click OK, which will open the Registry Editor
  3. Browse to, expand, and click on the following key:
  4. The Default value should be the name of the email application you have configured as listed in one of the subkeys. If it is not, right click Default, choose Modify, and enter the correct value.
Mail Key configured with Microsoft Outlook as the Default

When you have finished editing the registry, close the Registry Editor and test a MAPI function. If you continue to have difficulty, please submit a ticket to Technical Support.

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