Too many add-ins and other factors may cause Outlook 2003 to run slower

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Outlook 2003 appears to be the only version that may be affected.

Although a few factors are involved and it can be related to how other add-in applications integrate with Outlook, the presence of too many add-in applications, and/or interference caused by security applications running on the affected computer, the best and most certain way to improve Outlook's speed is to remove Microsoft Word as the email editor. This would only apply to those who do not require the more robust editing features available when Word is the email editor.

To remove Word as the editor:

  1. Open Outlook and click Tools
  2. Click Options
  3. Click the Mail Format tab
  4. Clear the check mark next to Use Microsoft Word to edit email messages
  5. Click OK

WinZip E-Mail Companion only: If you do not use Outlook Express or Windows Mail, you should not have that component of WinZip E-Mail Companion installed. Add-ins are not supported with these two applications. Therefore, this component of Companion must always be running in the background, looking for Outlook Express/Windows Mail to open. To disable the component, uninstall WinZip E-Mail Companion and then reinstall making sure to check the box (when it is offered) to prevent the component from being installed.

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