CD/DVD burning checklist for general issues with WinZip and CD/DVD burning

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A WinZip developer put together this list of items to check and/or do when CD/DVD burning issues occur. Some of these, all of these, or none of these may have something to do with your situation.

  1. Update the firmware for the affected device.
  2. Packet writing low-level file system software (e.g. InCD or Roxio DirectCD etc.) severely conflicts with user mode device handling (related to burning). Please make sure that such software is uninstalled or disabled.
  3. Close other CD/DVD applications that may be conflicting.
  4. Disable startup items and services that may be conflicting.
  5. Burn the disc with a lower write speed such as 1x or 2x.
  6. Error may be due to bad sectors on media. Try new unused media.
  7. Switch the CD/DVD drive controller to DMA Mode.
  8. Disable Windows AutoPlay for discs.
  9. If using internal ASPI layer then only users with Admin account level can issue SCSI commands.
  10. Try disabling any additional CD/DVD writers.

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