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Note: We suggest that you use Best method compression when you zip JPEG files. The default Legacy compression will not compress .jpg files much, while WinZip’s Best method will provide as much as 20-25% compression. With WinZip 12.1 or later, Zip files created with Best method will have a .zipx file extension. If you are adding to a Zip file that has a .zip file extension and select Best method to add additional JPEG files, your Zip file will be renamed using a .zipx file extension. Those receiving your .zipx files will also need WinZip 12.1 or later to use these files.

How do I add pictures to an existing Zip file?

There are two ways to do this.

Why didn't my pictures autorotate?

Autorotation requires support from your camera, and it is only used for pictures that meet certain criteria. See Picture Rotation for detailed information.

Why doesn't "Zip from camera" appear in my AutoPlay dialog?

Whether or not Zip from camera appears in the AutoPlay dialog depends on how your camera connects to the computer. You may be able to change a camera setting to correct this. To learn more, see WinZip Express and AutoPlay.

What are the "unknown" files mentioned in Camera options?

These are any files stored on the camera that were not identified to WinZip as pictures, audio, or video.

The most common type of "miscellaneous" file is the raw image file. Raw image files are images that are stored in a format that is proprietary to the camera manufacturer and are usually supported by higher-end cameras such as digital SLRs.

Some manufacturers’ raw files are identified by Windows as pictures, and WinZip should be able to acquire them normally. Other manufacturers' raw files, however, may not be identified as pictures, in which case WinZip will not download them. If you use your camera's raw format and your pictures do not appear in the picture selection dialog, try checking this option in the Photos configuration tab.

If your camera's raw files aren't downloaded at all, even if you check Get miscellaneous (unknown) files, then Windows is not including them when WinZip asks for a list of all files in the camera. This may be an issue with your camera's firmware. Check your camera manufacturer's web site to see if a firmware update is available for your camera.

Why don't my camera's RAW image files appear in the picture selection dialog?

See the above discussion of "unknown" files

Why doesn't WinZip download RAW image files from my camera?

See the above discussion of "unknown" files

Why didn't WinZip retrieve the audio comments for the pictures I selected?

In order for WinZip to be able to associate an audio file with a picture, it must:

If your audio files are not being downloaded along with your pictures, try checking the check box labeled Get unknown files in the Photos configuration tab.

Why doesn't WinZip Express (or the Camera Wizard) work on my Windows Server 2003, 2008, or 2012 system?

You may need to enable the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service. See Snap and Share on Windows Server for complete information.

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