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While using WinZip, a Windows Error Reporting event (WER) may occur. A WER will usually begin with a characteristic error message that, in this case would be; WinZip has stopped working. This lets you know the message is not simply informational or that it is not some other error within the program. Another identifier is the presence of the word Windows in the titlebar of the error message, rather than the word WinZip. A WER can happen for many reasons and may be due to a certain, temporary set of circumstances.

WinZip developers receive reports of these WER events. Data is often sent with a WER event and, if such events seem to happen often at all, the issue is researched, a fix is programmed, and a new build of the application is released. If you have installed WinZip 19.0 and are seeing a WER event when you open WinZip, please read the information below, as it may enable you to eliminate the error messages.

A number of WinZip features rely on Microsoft .NET in order to work. WinZip 19.0 will cause a WER event if the version of .NET installed on your computer has not been updated. The initial released build of WinZip 19.0, which is build 11293, is unable to fix the issue as it is installing. Upgrading Microsoft .NET to the latest version, can eliminate the issue. You can use Windows Updates to upgrade .NET or you can obtain it from the Microsoft Download Center.

If your machine is running Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 R2, please also make sure that .NET Framework 3.5 features are installed and turned on. Additionally for these server versions, WinZip 19.0 expects to find Ink and Handwriting Services and will display the error without it. You should use Add Roles and Features on the server to install Ink and Handwriting Services. After doing so, WinZip 19.0 should work with no problem.

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