Studio 14 Resources and Tutorials and Training etc

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There are many resources to learn more about Studio 14. Some are free and others have a charge.

Video Tutorials - free

Watch video tutorials to learn how to use Studio 14.

  1. Within Studio 14,
  2. click on the Help drop down menu
  3. select Tutorials - to see all the video tutorials
  4. select Guided Tour - to see an overview of Studio 14

Or you can use your browser to go to:

Knowledgebase - free

View & Search our FAQ Knowledge Base at:

We have hundreds of documents covering a wide range of topics.

User Forums - free

Read, Post and Search our Community Forum:

There is a good chance that other users may have a similar or the same question, so search and post to the forums.

Manual - free digital manual with Studio 14

Every copy of Studio 14 has a digital version of the manual (in PDF format) and some versions also have a hard copy manual.� You can access the manual in PDF format by:

  1. clicking on the Start button
  2. selecting All Programs
  3. selecting the program group Pinnacle Studio 14
  4. selecting Pinnacle Studio 14 manual


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