Pinnacle Studio™ 21 Plus: Top Reasons to Buy

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  1. NEW! Split Screen video for a faster, streamlined workflow.

Pinnacle Studio 21 includes amazing new features that streamline your movie making experience. Show multiple videos streams simultaneously with the new Split Screen Video. Easily drag and drop your media to create impressive movies or to share the highlights from a recent trip. Start with our pre-designed templates or create your own custom template with the Split Screen template creator.

  1. NEW! Create your own Templates!

Kickstart your next video project with Montage templates that provide preset themes—weddings, sports, holidays, sci-fi, comics and more—and get fast, pro-level results in just a few clicks. Now, new to Pinnacle Studio, create your own templates and fast-track future projects! Create and add standard introductions and exits to your videos for a consistent experience across all of your productions. And, once your video is completed on the timeline, easily save that style by selecting File, and then Save Movie as Template. The simply select your media the next time you decide to use this template--it’s as easy as drag-and-drop!  

  1. NEW redesigned user interface, with precise, pro like controls

Pinnacle Studio 21 delivers simplicity and total control, in an elegant new user interface, with no compromise on power.  Quickly access the tools you need, and get the power and precision you crave. Redesigned with the editor in mind, Pinnacle Studio 21 brings you sophisticated tools in a new modern and customizable interface, offering you total flexibility to edit like a pro. Whether you’re a video editor that’s looking to move up to more power, or you’re a Pinnacle Studio user, everything you love about Pinnacle Studio is here, in a faster and easier to use interface.  If you’re looking for near pro power, this is the Studio for you.  Edit HD video on across 24-tracks and customize creative effects to put a professional polish on every production. Customize your workspace with new detachable windows and control effects right down to the keyframe. With Pinnacle Studio Plus we’ve made it easy for you to edit and produce pro-quality productions.

  1. NEW Effects and music you’ll wonder how you lived without!

If creativity is what you crave, start with 1,800+ professional-quality effects. Go well beyond correcting common video problems—why not turn grey skies blue and bring out the best lighting in every scene? Change up the final effect with titles and overlays or add a fun track to turn up the volume. With a wide selection of transitions and new 3D titling options you can create videos that feel more blockbuster than ever before. Enjoy precision timing with keyframe-based control and choose a customized theme from the Montage template collection, making it a snap to sum up the perfect wedding, sporting event, holiday, or sci-fi experience in just a few clicks. Save your most-used effects, filters and transitions to your Favorite section to swiftly source them and reuse them again. And, find the perfect music track for your video or add a soundtrack from our royalty-free music library and watch your soundtrack automatically adjust to fit the length of your movie.

  1. Pro-caliber tools for a pro-caliber production.

Easily sync and combine up to 4 cameras on your next big production using the Multi-Camera Editor and select the angle you want to show as your video is playing. Track and add a title or graphic to a moving label or object with Motion Tracking, create amazing animations, frame by frame, with Stop Motion, and superimpose people or objects over different backgrounds using the Green Screen effect. With all these amazing editing tools, you’ll have everything you need to put your strongest film-making foot forward! 

  1. Pro-Quality Audio turns the volume up on your pro-project!

Ensure your audio is perfectly balanced the powerful audio tools in Pinnacle Studio 21 Plus. Audio Ducking detects audio or narration and automatically lowers the volume of your background sound so that the foreground is crisp and clear and not overpowered by ambient noise. Find the perfect soundtrack to compliment your movie with music from ScoreFitter and access a selection of royalty-free music tracks that automatically adjust to fit the length of your movie.

  1. Optimized for the latest technologies and formats.

Get the performance you expect from a pro-quality video editor with Pinnacle Studio’s powerful 64-bit performance. Work with video from iPhone® 6 and other new-generation cameras with support for Variable Frame Rate video and enjoy HEVC (H.265) import support on Intel 6th generation or specific NVIDIA cards. You won’t be disappointed with the new wide-angle lens correction feature which quickly removes distortion and makes footage feel fluid with the rest of your film.

  1. Screen Recording Software makes your next job a piece of cake.

Easy-to-use, pro-caliber screen recording software records content directly from your screen, capturing both system audio and sound. Create onscreen content to add to your movies, presentations or training videos and record your full screen, a select window or a select area of your screen. Quickly drag those files to your timeline to integrate into your overarching project and upload your final production to social media for easy viewing and sharing.

  1. Share with your friends and family - online, on disc or on device.

When you’re done editing and ready to share, you can export to disc, share your footage directly to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo, or output your video to one of many popular formats to view on your favorite device. Give your video the packaging it deserves and create high-quality DVD’s with themed menus, sub-menus and chapters. Pinnacle Studio 21 Plus includes 50+ stylish and customizable templates so you can quickly create a top-notch, personalized DVD to share with friends and family. It’s easier than ever to burn to DVD, AVCHD and Blu-ray* disc. With Pinnacle Studio, the whole world is your screen.

 *Blu-ray disc burning plugin is available for purchase

  1. Get the most out of Pinnacle Studio!

New to Pinnacle Studio, seeking inspiration, or looking to master a new technique? Join all of the hobbyists, business professionals and filmmakers and get the most out of Pinnacle Studio. Access video tutorials on specific techniques and projects, find tips and tricks and surf our blogs for community insight directly from the Welcome tab in Pinnacle Studio. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (PinnacleStudioLife) or follow us on Facebook for more information and inspiration!  Join our active community and connect with other users and ask questions in the community forum—you’ll be surprised how much information is out there!

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