Pinnacle Studio 23 - Top Reasons to Buy

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Powerful, multi-track timeline editing that gets the job done right!

Pinnacle Studio 23 delivers the tools you need to edit your next project like a pro. With enhanced precision and intuitive controls, you can drag and drop your media and easily crop, trim, or rotate video, then customize it on the six-track timeline. Start with storyboard editing to visualize how your narrative will unfold, then move on to timeline editing to flesh it out and finalize your production. Correct color along the way, or add effects to enhance your imagery. Keep your project organized as you work with Project Bins to manage your media efficiently. Work seamlessly across dual screens, and customize your workspace to keep your favorite tool shortcuts and media, easy to find!

 Effects and music that make every project sing!

Add polish to your next production with more than 1,500 effects, animated titles, and transitions. Enhance your picture, correct color, and set the tone for your project with basic Color Grading controls. Use Selective Color to highlight a single color and draw focus to an important facet of your photo. Correct common problems like red eye removal, and save your most-used effects to your Favorites section to make it simple to find them again. Identify the perfect music track to complement your video, with music from ScoreFitter, and access a selection of royalty-free soundtracks that automatically adjust to fit the length of your movie.

 Exciting Extras that will rock your next project!

Create big-screen style animations, frame by frame, and go well beyond basic video editing with Stop Motion Animation. You may also show multiple videos simultaneously, with Split Screen Video templates, for a more dynamic effect. Easily sync and combine two cameras in the Multi-Camera Editor to produce more engaging productions, and select the angle you’d like to show as your video plays! Screen your footage, switch angles, and automatically align clips with Audio Syncing. Combine your multi-camera results with the Picture-in-Picture effect or create swift transitions between camera angles to add excitement to every movie.

 Capture video, record your screen, and edit them together, seamlessly.

Pinnacle Studio delivers the tools you need to capture and edit your videos with ease. Using MultiCam Capture Lite, you can capture video from your webcam and record your computer screen at the same time. View the preview screens for your content in one place, and easily calibrate the color and brightness of each feed. With multiple angles recorded, editing is made easy; simply select which angle to show as the videos play—or quickly create a picture-in-picture effect. This is the perfect combination to create engaging how-to tutorial videos, training videos, gaming videos, unboxing videos, and much more. 

Optimized for the latest technologies and formats.

Get the performance you expect from a pro-quality video editor, with Pinnacle Studio’s powerful 64-bit performance. Work with video from your mobile device and new-generation cameras with support for VFR video. Output to a range of popular formats, and share on your favorite device!

 Share with your friends and family—online, on disc, or on device.

When you’re done editing and ready to share, you can export to disc, upload footage directly to YouTube or Vimeo, or output your video to one of many popular formats to view on your favorite device. Give your videos the packaging they deserve and create high-quality DVDs with themed menus, sub-menus, and chapters. Pinnacle Studio 23 includes 20+ stylish and customizable templates so you can quickly create a top-notch, personalized DVD to share with friends and family. With enhanced MyDVD, it’s easier than ever to burn to DVD, AVCHD, and Blu-ray* disc.

 *Blu-ray disc burning plugin is available for purchase

 Get the most out of Pinnacle Studio!

New to Pinnacle Studio, seeking inspiration, or looking to master a new technique? Join all of the hobbyists, business professionals, and filmmakers, and get the most out of Pinnacle Studio. Access video tutorials on specific techniques and projects, find tips and tricks, and surf our blogs for community insight—all from the Welcome tab in Pinnacle Studio. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (PinnacleStudioLife) or follow us on Facebook for more information and inspiration! Join our active community and connect with other users to ask questions in the community forum—you’ll be surprised how much information is out there!

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