CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack General Information

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The CinePlayer DVD Decoder pack is a plug-in solution that enables your Windows XP system to play DVDs (and other MPEG2 compressed digital video sources) using the Windows Media Player. It is assumed that your computer must be equipped with a DVD-ROM drive in order to play DVD disc-based media.


CinePlayer DVD Decoder Control Panel

Once installed, the CinePlayer DVD Decoder plug-in should work without further adjustment. There are, however, a few user-configurable preferences that you may wish to set. To facilitate this, we have provided a Control Panel applet. You can access this applet by selecting the Start Menu/Settings/Control Panel and double-clicking the CinePlayer DVD Decoder Pack icon.

CinePlayer DVD Property Pages

When run, the CinePlayer DVD Decoder control panel applet produces a window containing three tabbed property pages. Clicking the tabs at the top of this windows allows you to select among the different pages.


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