Geo-Tagging Photos in PaintShop Pro

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Geo-Tagging is an easy way to keep your favorite travel photos organized. With the Geo-Tagging feature in PaintShop Pro, you can search your photo library by the name of a city, state, latitude and longitude coordinates, or by looking at a map, to find images that were taken at a particular location.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

Many cameras today come with GPS technology, so you may find that when you upload your photos into the program, they were already tagged with a location. If your photos are not tagged with a location, it’s very simple to add one to an image. You can also change or remove a tag if need be.

Search Photos by Location and on a Map

1. Open PaintShop Pro and make sure that you are using the Manage Workspace

2. Next, click on the Map mode option.


3. In the Map View Search box, type in the name of a place or city where you remember having taken some of the photos in your album.

4. The message in the pop-up window suggests adding the geographical location of a place to all of the photos in opened folder. Click OK. Locations are marked by a push pin icon if there are Geo-Tagged photos in that area.

5. Zoom-in on the Map view to the entered location.

6. In the Organizer window, you will notice the push pin in the lower-right corner of the photo's thumbnail. This indicates that the photo is Geo -Tagged 

7. To see where photos are specificallyGeo-Tagged, zoom in to the push pin icon by carefully dragging up theZoom scroll bar (or by selecting one of the Geo-Tagged photos). 

In most places, Google Maps has a 360 degree street view that you can navigate into by dragging the human icon to the place where a photo is Geo-Tagged. 


The blue lines that are appearing on the map when selecting the human icon indicate that Google Street View is available at that location.

Adding Locations to Photos

In this example, we have a folder of digital photos from Arizona that were taken with a camera not equipped with GPS. If a digital camera has GPS disabled or does not have that feature, you can do the  Geo-Taggingmanually in PaintShop Pro and map these photos to the place where they were shot. 

1. First, select the photos that you wish to use, from the Organizer.

2. Next, locate the area where photos were shot.

3.  Place the push pin to Geo-Tag the photos. 

Changing or Removing Locations of Photos

In this section, three photos captured on a tour of Thailand were incorrectly tagged.  This can happen if the date and time are not synchronized properly between the camera and the GPS when the photos are taken. Luckily, it is easy to fix this issue.

1. Highlight or select the photo or collections of photos that were taken from that location.

2. Remove the Geo-Tag by clicking on the push pin and then clicking Remove Location  info  from the pop-up message. You can also select the Delete button  in the  Places tab under the Info window.

3. Locate the correct place on the map, and then put the push pin into it to Geo-Tag the photos. 

It is important to note that if the target place in the map is close to the previously tagged location, you can simply drag the push pin icon to the more precise area to correct the  Geo-Tag information. 

And that’s how you tag photos geographically in Corel PaintShop Pro.

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