Corel® VideoStudio® Pro 2020: Top Reasons to Buy

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1. Fun & easy video editing for your everyday adventures.

Access a suite of fun and easy video editing tools and transform your photos and videos
into movies you’ll be proud to share! VideoStudio Pro 2020 is more intuitive than ever
before, making it simple to create impressive productions. Start with project templates,
or build your movie from the ground up with new creative drag and drop content! Make
quick edits with cut, trim, crop, and video correction tools; add titles and transitions; even
explore your creative side with fun filters and effects. Beginners and experienced users
alike will love the flexibility and ease of use that set this video editing experience apart.
VideoStudio Pro 2020 is more fun, more creative, and makes it easier than ever to Live
Life and Make Movies.

2. Packed with features that reveal the power under the hood

VideoStudio is recognized by reviewers and editors alike as fun, easy, and feature
packed, so go ahead and surprise yourself with what you can create! Expand beyond
the basic video correction and editing tools and transform your footage into high quality
movies. Add drama to your storytelling with motion effects, explore new perspectives
with split screen templates, and transport yourself anywhere in the world with green
screen effects. Even edit 360° video! Enhance your footage with color correction
controls, and tap into more than 1,500 effects to truly transform your everyday
adventures into high quality video productions. With VideoStudio Pro 2020, you get all
the tools you need to make impressive movies, and grow your editing skills.

3. Smart, fast, easy video creation tools

Creating high quality movies with your everyday moments is now faster and easier than
ever with VideoStudio 2020. Transform your photos and videos into slideshows and
movies in mere minutes with VideoStudio’s easy editing tools. Take advantage of
FastFlick, the instant slideshow maker, to create movies in moments. Simply select a
template, drag and drop photos or video clips, and let FastFlick work its magic. Having
trouble deciding what to include in your memory montage? Work smarter with new
Highlight Reel, the smart movie tool that analyzes and extracts the best parts of your
media automatically and sets it to play to the beat of the music! You can always dive into
your project on the VideoStudio timeline to edit it further. VideoStudio Pro 2020 is
delivering more ways to make video editing fun, easy, and creative.

4. MultiCam Capture

Engage your viewers, grow your audience, and capture video with VideoStudio’s
MultiCam Capture Lite. Easily create how-to videos, gaming videos, record product
demos, and more, with one easy-to-use recording software. Save editing time by
previewing and calibrating the color and brightness of each feed before you record!
Explore a variety of creative options, including picture-in-picture effects, or swiftly switch
between camera angles to add interest and draw in viewers. From capturing to editing,
VideoStudio delivers the tools you need to create engaging content.

5. 360° Video Editing

VideoStudio provides everything you need to edit your 360° videos! Quickly add titles,
trim video, even convert your 360° footage to standard video. With VideoStudio, you can
give your audience a unique perspective by controlling the angle of your footage, and
exploring Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole effects! After editing, easily share your video
directly to YouTube, or export it to view on your virtual reality headset. VideoStudio’s
360° editing tools make it truly easy to create unique and powerful 360 videos to express
yourself creatively from all angles.

6. Stop Motion Animation

VideoStudio is a great software for beginner videographers, editors, and animators alike!
The in-product stop motion animation tool eases your workflow with intuitive tools to help
you plan and capture your frames. Use your computer webcam, or plug in your camera
and control the capture from right inside VideoStudio! Take advantage of adjustable
guides to determine how many frames you need, capture your vision, and click to
instantly compile and add them to your VideoStudio project.

7. DVD creation

VideoStudio gives you the tools you need to transform your video projects into polished
DVDs to share and play with friends and family! Transform your home movies with
VideoStudio MyDVD and quickly create high quality personalized DVDs with custom
menus, titles, chapters, and music. With more than 50 themed templates to choose from,
MyDVD makes it simple to style your menu to fit your project. Master the home viewing
experience for your next video by burning your project to DVD or AVCHD disc for your
friends and family to share and play again and again.

8. Audio tools

It's easy to adjust, mute, and layer your audio directly in the timeline. Quickly balance
audio levels, and take advantage of built-in Audio Ducking to detect narration and adjust
your background sound to keep speakers sounding crisp and clear. Import your own
music or browse and choose a track from Scorefitter, our royalty-free music library, to
automatically adjust to fit the length of your movie. Even record your own audio with the
built in voiceover tools and seamlessly add video subtitles! VideoStudio Pro 2020 makes
it easy to produce videos that look, and sound, the very best.

9. Share easily and freely with support for all popular file types and devices!

Roll up your sleeves and dive into hands-on editing of nearly any type of media.
VideoStudio continues to track the latest formats to maintain support for all popular file
types devices. When your video is ready to share, you can export to disc, upload your
footage directly to YouTube or Vimeo, or output your video to one of many popular
formats to view on your favorite device. VideoStudio supports iPad, iPhone, iPod touch,
and Sony PSP/PS4, as well as Windows and Android smartphones, and more! Videos
are optimized for the site you choose so that you never risk quality loss. VideoStudio
2020 ensures you have all the support you need to create videos you’ll be proud to

10. Learning resources

Learn as you go, and create impressive videos right from the start by tapping into new
tutorials from the home tab. Our extensive library of learning materials offers editing tips
and tricks and project inspiration for everyone, from beginners to advanced users.
Access additional support through our user forum to ask questions and connect with
other editors in the VideoStudio community. Your purchase also includes a 10-day all-
access pass to video tutorials, content, and more, from our friends at!
VideoStudio makes it easier than ever to dive into video editing, create impressive
videos right from the start, and grow your skills.

11. Performance
Work smarter, faster, and more creatively than ever before with VideoStudio 2020.
Optimized with the latest video acceleration technology, file formats, and support for all
popular devices, we’ve ensured users can dive in and edit nearly any type of media.
Advanced hardware acceleration takes advantage of modern graphic cards as well as
Intel and nVidia technologies to dramatically speed up rendering to popular file formats.
Take advantage of both faster project rendering at export, and enhanced quality when
rendering titles, previews, and video masks during your edit. Enhanced with a 4K
display, VideoStudio 2020 offers faster, smoother editing, from import to export.

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