Activation and Installation Instructions: Corel® Painter Sketch Pad

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PLEASE NOTE: This article only applies to customers who have purchased an Electronic Software Download or Purchase Key for Corel Painter Sketch Pad. If you have purchased a CD version, but have a trial version installed, you must uninstall it and install from your CD. The serial number that comes with the CD version WILL NOT unlock a trial version. If you have purchased through Corel's Transactional Licensing program, you MUST purchase a CD. You cannot unlock a trial or download version through our licensing program.

If you have purchased an Electronic Software Download (ESD) of Corel Painter Sketch Pad, you will need to activate it. You will receive an order confirmation email when you complete your order. Included in this email is a download link. If you have already downloaded our free trial version, you DO NOT have to download the program again. Skip to the section entitled "Activating Corel Painter Sketch Pad " below. If you have not yet downloaded the trial, go to the section entitled "Downloading Corel Painter Sketch Pad ."

Downloading Corel Painter Sketch Pad:

1. Click on the download link from your order confirmation email. When prompted, choose to Save the file to your computer. Please note the name of the folder where the file is being saved. This will begin the download process.

2. When the download is complete, choose to Run the file if prompted. If not prompted, go to the folder where you saved the file, and double-click on the icon that is created. This will begin the installation process.

3. Follow the steps on your screen to install the program.

PLEASE NOTE: The download version of the Corel product you purchased will be considered a Trial Version until you follow the below steps and activate your product.

Activating Corel Painter Sketch Pad:

1. Launch Corel Painter Sketch Pad .

2. The next screen gives you three options: Continue to Evaluate, Purchase, and Activate Now. Select Activate Now, and enter the serial number/purchase key that you received in your order confirmation email. Click Next.

3. The next screen displays your Installation Code and Serial Number. Click Next.

4. If your internet connection was detected, the next screen will say "You have successfully activated your product." You will be asked to retain your activation code for your records. This is advisable, as you will need the code should you need to reinstall your program in the future. Click Finish.

If you receive errors when activating, or are not able to access the screens outlined above, please contact Customer Support Services, and an agent can assist you with the activation process. A full listing of contact numbers can be found at:


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