Corel Support FAQs

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Corel Support FAQs

Q: How can I get in touch with Support?

A: We’ve recently updated our assisted support options to better suit your needs! Here are the various ways you can get support for your product:

Customer Service
If you’re looking for general product information, or have an order inquiry, Corel Customer Service can help you. You can call toll-free or chat online 24 hours/day.

Free Limited Warranty Support
Every product license comes with a FREE Limited Warranty that includes a complimentary technical support incident to resolve issues related to installation and activation for 30 days from your product purchase date. We guarantee to get you up and running or you’ll get your money back.

Extended Warranty Support
The Extended Warranty Support option increases the warranty period to one year for a nominal fee and provides you with one additional support case to resolve issues related to:

Paid Priority Support
To get immediate phone-based assistance with troubleshooting or a how-to question, you can purchase a One-time Priority Support ticket. For the best value covering assisted product training and comprehensive technical support, please review our Annual Training & Support Plans.

How can I get help if I’m not within the 30-day warranty period and I’m not a paid Support member?
We have enhanced our support and learning offerings for you. We are delighted to introduce:

Q: Why don’t you offer free support?

A: Corel follows the industry standard by offering warranty support services for our software products. We align Warranty Support with our 30-day money back guarantee policy, to ensure that you can get your products up and running as smoothly as possible.

Q: Why doesn’t Corel offer an email address to contact support?

A: Due to a system limitation, we can’t offer an email address to contact Support; however, we do offer a way to contact Support via an online form. We are also offering customer service support via chat and phone 24 hours/day. In addition, you may wish to contact Support via our dedicated Facebook community page.

Q: Who is covered by warranty?

A: To qualify for Free Limited Warranty Support or Extended Warranty Support, you must have purchased your product from Corel or an authorized reseller. Please ensure that your product is supported and registered.

Q: What if I can’t register my product?

A: If you have issues with registration, contact support to register your product.

Q: Why did the warranty period change from 90 days to 30 days of support?

A: Based on our experience, most customers install their product within a 30 day period and we are here to support this process. We want to ensure that you are getting the best support possible to get your product up and running. If you require more than 30 days to install your product, or wish to reinstall your product at a later time, we offer the ability to extend warranty coverage for a nominal fee.

Q: When I purchased my software on x date, I was told I had 90 days of free support. Do I only have 30 days now?

A: If you have purchased your product prior to Dec. 10, 2013 and have a support code for a 90-day warranty case, your support code will be honored.

Q: What if I can’t find my support code?

A: Support codes are sent via email once a supported product is registered. There are a number of reasons that may make it difficult to find the confirmation email containing your support code:

1. Many people use different email addresses for different correspondence. If this applies to you, we recommend you check all your email accounts.
2. Mail programs have anti-spam rules. We recommend you check any “Junk” or “Spam” mailboxes.
3. Many people file their emails. If this applies to you, please check that you did not inadvertently put this email in the wrong folder.
4. The message may have been accidentally deleted. Please check your “Trash” or “Deleted emails” folder.
5. The message may have been delayed. Though most emails seem to arrive instantaneously, sometimes it can take a lot longer. We recommend that you wait at least 20 minutes to rule out minor network delays before concluding the email will not arrive.

What if I've tried all of that and I still need help?

If you have checked all the above situations and still cannot find your email, then please use our Registration Assistance form to request help. An agent will verify your product, register it on your behalf and manually trigger your support code.

Q: If I purchased the product from a reseller, how do I get my support code?

A: If you’ve purchased your product from an authorized reseller, please register in-product or via your Corel account in order to receive a support code via email.

Q: Does Warranty Support cover all products?

A: Free Limited Warranty Support and Extended Warranty Support cover all supported Corel products. The Extended Warranty can be purchased at any time for any supported Corel product.

Q: What if I submit a Warranty Support case within the 30 day period but it does not get resolved in time?

A: As long as you submit your support case for a supported product within the 30-day warranty period, we will help you until the issue gets resolved.

Q: Is Warranty Support available for 30 calendar days or business days?

A: Free Limited Warranty Supported and Extended Warranty Support are available for 30 calendar days.

Q: How quickly will someone respond to my support case?

A: The expected response time from Corel Technical Support is within one business day; however please note that depending on the complexity of the issue, the resolution may take more time.

Q: What if I want to reinstall or reactivate a product that I purchased more than 30 days ago?

A: If you need assistance to reinstall or reactivate a product purchased more than 30 days ago, please purchase an Extended Warranty.

Q: What about support for legacy products?

A: Corel supports the current version of software products and one version back. Because the computing environment changes so quickly, it’s very difficult for us to maintain older versions of software as they do occasionally run into some issues when installed on new operating systems. However, we do very much value our return customers, and try to offer promotions and special offers to keep the cost of upgrading to a minimum.

While your product version may not be supported any longer by phone or email, Corel has an extensive library of archived information available to users of older software versions.

We’ve also introduced a new Facebook community dedicated to support and learning.

Alternatively, another user may be able to help you get an answer in one of the Corel forums.

Q: If there’s a problem with my product, do I still have to pay for support?

A: If you are reporting a validated product defect, we will be happy to provide support at no charge. You will need to purchase a One-time Priority Support ticket or a Training and Support plan online or by calling Corel Customer Service. Rest assured, if the issue is confirmed to be a Corel product defect, you will be reimbursed by the technician investigating your case.

Q: What if my support case was not handled to my satisfaction?

A: We really value our customers and want to provide the best support possible. If you are not satisfied, you may escalate your case for review by the Customer Experience team.

Q: What if I’m looking for Roxio or Pinnacle product support?

A: For Roxio product support, please go here. For support on Pinnacle products, please go here.


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