How do you report a product defect

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What are Product Defects?

A product defect is when the software doesn't behave in a manor that is was designed.  This excludes conflicts with other software installed on your computer.  Even with thorough quality assurance testing, there are many scenarios that can't be tested for and in rare cases issues make it in to the product that is sold.  If you come across issues that can't be fixed through the normal process of trouble shooting, then you have likely encountered a Product Defect and we would like to hear about it.


If I am not under warranty how do I tell you about these issues?

We now have an online form were you can report to us any product defects that you come across.  We have someone looking at all of the issues and will pass on all defects to the development team to assess.  It will then be up to them to decide if it will be fixed as part of a patch or fixed in a new version.  For these types of cases, you will receive a confirmation email that the defect was received   We will only contact you back if we need more information.

If you suspect that you have found a defect, please go to our Product Defect Form (listed below) and send us the details.

If you have a question or a problem with the software and need to contact us, please visit our support page (listed below) to find out what type of support you are entitled to.  Another option is our user communities (listed below), which are filled with very knowledgeable users and you can very often find the help you need there.


Defect Forms
Corel Form
Roxio Form
Pinnacle Form
Support Pages
Corel Support
Roxio Support
Pinnacle Support
User Communities

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