Incident: issues with registering WinZip Suite

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We want to inform you of an incident that we experienced with WinZip, which may be affecting some of you. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

Issues you might have noticed:

1. Getting the 'Your trial has expired' error message for WinZip activated with a WinZip Suite subscription.

2. Unable to download WinZip from WinZip Suite Portal and get the registration key for WinZip Suite. 

Time of Incident: July 31, 1:10 am ET - July 31, 2:38 pm ET

Incident Status: Resolved

If you have issues with obtaining registration information after placing a new order, please sign in to Suite Portal and click the product button to obtain the registration details.

If you have issues with the product activated earlier with an active license but now stating that 'your trial has expired', kindly restart the application. If it hasn't helped you with fixing the issue, activate WinZip with the registration information you have.

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