How to register WinZip for Mac using an activation code

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If your WinZip Mac license was not purchased directly from the WinZip website, but instead from an authorized reseller, you will have been issued an activation code rather than a registration code.


Important: activation codes can only be used once.

After you receive your registration information, keep it in a safe place in case you need to reinstall WinZip for Mac. If you previously activated, but did not save your registration information, please try Registered Product Lookup option.

WinZip for Mac Activation Instructions

  1. Start WinZip for Mac.
  2. Type the name for the registration on the computer.
  3. Type the activation code EXACTLY as it appears on your activation acknowledgment email or on the WinZip CD case and click Register
  4. In the Activate WinZip screen, type the requested information and click Activate.
  5. WinZip will connect to the WinZip server, verify the activation code, and a registration code based upon the name or email address you entered will be issued (and entered into WinZip for Mac automatically)
  6. A confirmation email, containing the registration information, will also be sent to the email address entered

Note: the registration code you receive replaces the activation code. Going forward, use the registration code to register WinZip if you need to re-install.

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