Zip files with their folder information

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There are numerous ways to zip files in folders. The intent of this article is to describe some quick options for zipping a particular folder. It will describe how to do this using the Drag and Drop method and the WinZip context menu

To zip a folder using Drag and Drop, you can:

If you do not wish to use a Drag and Drop method, you can use the WinZip context menu (right click). To do this, right-click on the folder you wish to Zip and choose one of the Add to Zip file options.

For example, let's say that a folder structure of c:\level1\level2\level3 exists, and you want to maintain the folder structure level2\level3 along with the files. You could do the following:

  1. Open a folder window and right-click on the level2 folder
  2. From the WinZip submenu, choose Add to Zip file
  3. Click Add

The resulting Zip file will maintain the level2 folder/file structure and would include the subfolders below.

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