Command Line Basics articles

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In the Contents table below, you will find brief descriptions of and links to articles that have to do with basic information regarding the use of a command line interface. These Command Line Basics articles intend to provide some information for those interested in the WinZip Command Line Support Add-On, but who have little experience with or little knowledge concerning the use of a command line interface. There are a good number of articles and a lot of information here, but users who are experienced with using a command line interface are likely not to find anything new here. For specific help with the add-on, please see the information in WinZip Command Line Add-on Help located in the WinZip program group.

Other sources of similar or additional information can be readily found by performing an internet search using terms such as command line, command prompt, DOS commands, and or batch files. Anyone desiring more than basic material should consider reading from other sources.

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