Roxio: Easy VHS to DVD Plus (v4) - Your VCR/camcorder audio signal is picked up in Preview, but not the video; but recording outputs both video and audio

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When you have properly setup your VCR or camcorder with your Roxio video capture device (see this article), no video is showing in the Easy VHS to DVD Plus preview screen, but you do hear the audio passing through. You start the recording and the software does properly record both audio and video. In other words, you only see the issue while previewing, but the output (recording) is good.


The video signal is actually being picked up by your capture device but, for some reason, it is not being displayed in the preview screen. This can be caused by double-, or even triple-, monitor setups. This is because the software was not designed to identify your primary monitor - it can only do this if you initially set it up in a single-monitor environment.


You first need to have Easy VHS to DVD Plus register this monitor and establish it as the primary one.

Follow these steps:

  1. Disable your secondary (and tertiary, if any) monitor, in Windows Display settings;
  2. Physcially disconnect your monitor via its display cable;
  3. After performing the above steps, restart your system;
  4. Launch Easy VHS to DVD Plus and try the preview again.

Your software should now be able to display the video preview correctly.

At this point, you should now be able to reconnect your secondary monitor (remember to restart your PC), and Easy VHS to DVD Plus will still be able to display the video preview properly. If for some reason this is not happening, we strongly advise you revert to a single monitor setup for the duration of your Easy VHS to DVD recording session.


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