Viewing Files with WinZip

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In order to view a file contained in a WinZip file, you need to have a program that is capable of displaying that type of file. WinZip can display text files using its built-in viewer, and if you have a Pro registration will also open most picture files. For other types of files, though (including word processor documents), you will need to have an external program installed. The program you need depends on the type of file you want to display. For example, to display a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx), you must have either Excel or a viewer that is capable of displaying Microsoft Office documents.

In many cases, you will already have the software necessary to view files. For others, it is often possible to obtain free or inexpensive viewers. Some options for viewing a few of the most common file types are listed below.

Many of the links below are to pages that are outside of the WinZip website, they will open in new browser windows (or tabs), and may change with time.

Graphics files (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, etc.)

WinZip will show thumbnails of your graphics files while in the default Tall Rows view or when in the Icon view. WinZip Pro also includes an internal image previewer that, when maximized, allows you to browse through full-size images without the need for a separate application and without manually extracting the images from the Zip file. The previewer also provides tools to rotate, resize, and delete images. This saves time and makes it easier than ever to manage images within your Zip files.

If you don't have the latest version of WinZip Pro, you can buy a copy. Registered users of an earlier version of a perpetual license of WinZip (WinZip 27 and lower) can purchase a new license at

Alternatively, you can use Window's built-in Photo app to view graphics files.

Microsoft Office documents

Microsoft provides free viewers for various types of Office documents, including Excel spreadsheets (.xlsx), Word documents (.docx), PowerPoint presentations (.pptx), etc.

Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf)

Adobe Systems provides the free Adobe Reader for PDF files (Adobe Acrobat documents)

AutoCAD files

Autodesk provides the free Autodesk Design Review for AutoCAD files (DWF, DWG, DXF, DGN, JT, raster files, and more)

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