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Summary of Privacy Statement

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We, in our WinZip applications, treat your Personal Data with care and confidentially and will only pass it on to third parties to the extent described in the Privacy Statement. We do not share, sell, rent, or trade Personal Data with third parties for any promotional purposes. Where our affiliates, resellers, or service providers process Personal Data, they will do so solely on our instructions and have undertaken to comply with strict contractual requirements for the security of your data.

Google and YouTube

For user-initiated file and file link sharing and storage using email, social media, instant messaging and cloud services; login is performed by the service on their website that returns a logon token. We never see the email or password. WinZip encrypts the login token and stores it locally so you do not have to login every time you run WinZip and use these services. For file sharing via email, social media, and instant messaging; optional contact information can be requested and saved so that it can be accessed for future use by you. This data is not shared with third parties for any purpose. This information is only stored locally, on your PC or other computing device. We process anonymous Product Usage Data so that we can facilitate, evaluate, and verify your use of our products and services. We will also use the Product Usage Data for our own internal statistical and analytical purposes, and to evaluate and enhance users' experience of the Products by identifying customer preferences and analyzing crash data.

If you wish to revoke WinZip access to your Google account, you can do so on your Google account permissions page.

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please complete this form or contact us at

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