What differences are there in WinZip applications after registering?

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When you install a WinZip application, it will open as an Evaluation Version. The intent is to allow users to install and try WinZip applications for a reasonable period. The evaluation period will vary depending on the application and version installed. Trying an application out in this way helps to insure that it will perform the actions you expect and will work well in your environment.

During the evaluation period a registration reminder will display each time you open the WinZip application. Additionally, if you create a self-extracting Zip file with an evaluation version application, the self-extracting Zip file will clearly display that it was created with a non-licensed version of WinZip Self-Extractor.

When you register, you will receive a registration code that eliminates the registration reminder screen that appears in the evaluation version. In addition to removing the reminder, your WinZip application will continue to be available to your use beyond the evaluation period, self-extracting Zip files you create will not display an "unregistered" warning, and the WinZip Command Line Support Add-on will not require a key prompt when it runs.

If you register WinZip with a Pro license, all of the Pro features of WinZip (data backup, CD/DVD burning, advanced image management, etc) will be available for your use. If you register WinZip with a Standard license, Pro features will still display, but a reminder dialog will display if you try to use them.

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