WinZip multi-user licensing questions

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WinZip licensing for use on Windows Terminal Server or Citrix thin clients

To license WinZip for your Windows Terminal Server/Citrix thin-client system, you will need to license a copy of WinZip for each of the client PC's or terminals that will use WinZip and for each server or computing device on which WinZip will be installed.

Note that the specific license agreement wording is:

Are multi-user copies of WinZip software licensed concurrently?

WinZip multi-user license pricing is based on the number of computers that will access WinZip software within an organization, and is not based on metered concurrent usage.

Here is the section from the WinZip License Agreement that mentions concurrent usage:

When ordering your WinZip license please provide the appropriate numbers as mentioned above. A Service representative will then be happy to reply with an exact quote.

If you have further questions, please feel free to submit a ticket to WinZip Service using this form.

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