How to change the WinZip installation location

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Destination Folder panel

The Destination Folder panel (1) of WinZip Setup displays the default folder into which WinZip will be installed. If you click the Browse button (2) in this panel, you can then look for and choose a different folder (3) or you can type the path in the Folder name text box (4).

Choose a folder or type a path

If you type a location, you must enter a complete path, including the drive letter. The default location for WinZip 16.0 or later is C:\Program Files\WinZip. If you are installing an earlier WinZip version, and you have 64-bit Windows, the default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\WinZip.

Example 1: To install WinZip into the Utility folder on your D: drive, type D:\Utility in the Folder name text box.

Example 2: To have Windows Installer create a WinZip folder in the Utility folder mentioned in Example 1, type D:\Utility\WinZip. The backslash character (\) tells the installer to create a subfolder in the Utility folder.

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