Error 1316 during repair or uninstall of existing copy of WinZip

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This error message can occur if you chose to Run the WinZip MSI file during a download and later attempt to repair or uninstall the software using an MSI file with a different filename.

For example, if you download a winzipxxx.msi file (WinZip MSI files are available on the
Alternative Download Links page) and choose to run the file (rather than save it), Internet Explorer will add a number to the filename in brackets (such as [1]). In this case, WinZip would actually be installing from a file named winzipxxx[1].msi. Windows Installer saves this filename in the registry and expects the same filename if you run a Repair or Uninstall from a double clicked file. If the filename does not match, an Error 1316 will occur.

One solution would be to rename the saved MSI file to match the name indicated in the Error 1316 dialog. In the example above, if you renamed the saved file to include [1] (winzipxxx[1].msi) the Repair or Uninstall would complete normally.

If you have any questions about this information, please submit a Technical Support ticket.

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