How to create a WinZip installation log file for technical support

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Note: You do NOT need the special instructions below, if you are installing a current WinZip version (WinZip 23.0 or later). You only need to install normally and if an issue is encountered, you will be given the opportunity to view the install log at the end. After the log opens, you can save that file and attach it to a Technical Support ticket.

The following is information on how to create a log file of your WinZip install attempt (to send to Technical Support).

You will not be able to use our standard .exe install file to create this log. You will instead need an install file ending with the extension .msi for this. You can download one from the Alternative Download Links page. You will have your choice of a 64-bit or 32-bit MSI file. After downloading and saving the appropriate MSI file please do the following:

  1. Create a new folder on drive C and name it WZTest
  2. Copy the WinZip MSI file you downloaded into folder WZTest on drive C
  3. On the keyboard, press Windows key (the Windows key)+R to open Run
  4. Type: cmd in the Run dialog and click OK
  5. In the Command Prompt window type:
    msiexec /i C:\WZTest\winzipxxx.msi /qb /lvx* C:\WZTest\install.log
  6. Press Enter on the keyboard to run the WinZip install

When the installation stops, begin a Technical Support ticket and attach install.log from the C:\WZTest folder to the ticket.

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