Fix 'Error 2 running command' error message

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An Error 2 running command xx message usually indicates that path information in the original Zip file was not entered in the command to issue. Please note that a self-extracting Zip file uses whatever directory structure is stored in the original Zip file. If you create your Zip file with path information unintentionally, the result would be files extracted to a subdirectory of the expected location.

Creating Zip files via WinZip context menu entries is one way that you might inadvertently include path information. The Add to context menu item in Windows Explorer zips folders in a way consistent with Windows Explorer itself. Specifically, the name of the zipped folder itself is included in the path information for all the files that are zipped this way.


After encountering an Error 2, you will need to do one of two things:

For the first option, you could open the folder containing the files you want to zip, highlight them, and use Add to (this is while inside the folder). This will create the Zip file without the folder name added to each file's path information.

For the second option you would simply need to include the folder name in your command to issue. For example, if your command to issue is .\setup.exe and the folder that setup.exe is in is named application you would use .\application\setup.exe for your command to issue.

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